Refund Policy

Subscription Plan Refund:

For Subscription Plans, refund requests will be honored within the first 30 days of the subscription. Canada Web Development will use commercially reasonable efforts to try to resolve the problem at no additional charge. If those efforts are unsuccessful, Canada Web Development will provide a reasonable refund for fees charged at the discretion of Smart Support Connect

Single-Incident Plan Refunds:

For Single-Incident Plans,

  • Unused Single-Incident Plans must be used within 30 days of purchase. No refunds will be issued for unused Single-Incident Plans after 30 days.
  • A used Single-Incident Plan is eligible for refund if the issue/incident cannot be resolved by our technicians. In this case, refund requests must be made within 7 days of the last interaction with a Smart Support Connect. If a refund request is not received within 7 days, the Single-Incident Plan will not be honored for a future issue/incident.
  • Disclaimer: All products/Services provided will be supported for the length of the license provided .We would like you to contact Canada Web Development for any issues/disputes with billing/Payment. Refunds (including partial refunds) are subject to the decision of Canada Web Development.

Privacy Policy

Canada Web Development  has a commitment to protect the privacy of the consumer. We ask the necessary information for order processing in efficient way. We will not share the information with the individual outside our company without the consent. Our repair company uses printer for protection of information and privacy as you submit the payments.

Confidentiality Of Our Website

Your personal information will determine your specific identity and this will be used to contact you or locate you. If any other information is linked with the personal information, it will become the personal information. Any type of personal information like name, postal address, telephone number or email is confidential and private. The personal information is kept secured and can be accessed by the designated staff. Our printer repair gives the guarantee that no personal information is released to corporation or individual and we do so as we receive the client authorization.

Information Collection

We collect the user information by various methods. All information is protected by our  Canada Web Development  and will not be given to the third party without the consent of the client. When one registers by ordering our printer repair company services, we need basic personal information like name, address, company, fax, phone, email address. We collect the proper billing information but it is not restricted to credit card number, billing address, expiration date and we verify the necessary information by PayPal. This is a secure billing service. We retain the information that is personal and also the information that is provided voluntarily.

No Disclosure Of The Personal Information

We will not provide the information to the third parties that are not affiliated without seeking your approval. Before the disclosure, we will explain precisely the information we disclose, to whom we disclose and the purpose. There are certain circumstances during which we find need of disclosing PII about user but we will let it know. If the person is harming or interfering with our clients, we will reveal the information in case legal directives suggest this. If he violates our terms / agreement form or infringes our legal rights; in such case his personal information will be revealed.


We have the modern security methods that prevent any sort of unauthorized access, ensure use of information in a correct way and maintain accuracy of data. Your personal data is in our database. We can change or modify the policy but we will let it know through electronic means before the date of change.