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Digital marketing is the new face of the Marketing world. Every single company is trying to do it by their suitable medium. There are different forms of Digital marketing and all of them are very effective in their respective marketing field.

In the current time, Social Media marketing is one of the top marketing schemes which lies under the Digital Marketing technique. Many larger and small scale companies know about this thing and that’s why they are trying to promote their brand more efficiently on Social Media.

However, there is still a Social Media platform which is pretty much untouched by most of the companies and that one is known as Whatsapp. It has a very large user group and that’s why it a perfect platform for product promotion especially.

But to use its full potential you will need Whatsapp Marketing services. And the Canada Web Development is well known for it.

To know more about Whatsapp Marketing Services and Canada Web Development read the section below.

What is Whatsapp Marketing?

As we all know that Whatsapp is one of the largest Messaging App in the word and its growing day by day. It contains billions of active user who shares millions of text, photos, videos, status etc every single day. This quality of Whatsapp makes it a very large and effective eco-system of business marketing.

Whatsapp Marking is a term which refers to those type of business ads campaigns which specifically designed for active Whatsapp users. This is a very new and innovative way digital marketing but it works brilliantly. Lots of business got boost in their product sale after using the Whatsapp Marking technique. And if you are a Startup company and planning to launch a new product in the market then Whatsapp Marketing is the best marketing way that you can adapt.

What are the Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing?

For any kind of business, Whatsapp is a marvelous promotion tool. Most of the B2B businesses use it for communication and information distributing purposes. And in this way, they can increase their customer engagement very easily. But this not the only benefit of the Whatsapp Marketing. There are many more feature and benefit of it which we are going to explain in the section below.

Multi-Format Promotion

With Whatsapp user are not restricted with Text only communication features. They can also communicate with each other by Photos, Videos, Audio files, etc and this creates a lot of digital marketing possibility. Companies can promote their brand or product in whichever way they want and attract lots of customers in an efficient way.

Cost Efficient

The information circulation ability of Whatsapp is very fast & easy. That’s why many users like to use it. Form a business marking perceptive this is a very cost-effective and reliable way of brand promotion. This is because companies are able to circulate info about their brand or product at a minimal promotion cost or even almost free. This quality of Whatsapp Marking makes it perfect from new or upcoming companies.

The BlueTick

The Bluetick is an ingenious feature of Whatsapp. It helps the message sender to know about the status of its message. For companies, the Bluetick works as a broadcasting confirmation sign. It’s mean that if their ads are showing the Bluetick in WhatsApp then it has seen by the customer and they can expect some business from there.

Connect with the DND( Do Not Disturb) Numbers

There are many potential customers whose numbers are categories in the DND category. The Whatsapp marketing helps companies to reach those DND number customers. This is possible because there is no DND category in Whatsapp. And if the customer wants to block your number from Whatsapp then even for once he/she have to see your ad.

Multiple Device Compatibility

Whatsapp can run on many types of cross-platform devices which creates a very large user base for it.  And a bigger platform makes bigger Ad promotion opportunities. In addition to it, there is only a handful of social media platform which can offer this much of ad promotion versatility in such a low cost.

Why do you need Whatsapp Marketing Services from Canada Web Development?

Whatsapp Marketing is a great way of ad promotion but in order to utilize perfectly, you have to use Whatsapp Marketing Services from Canada Web Development. And we are going to explain “Why”.

Product or Brand Oriented Ad Content

Whatsapp marketing can be done in many ways but the customer response depends on the quality of the Ad. This is because attractive Ads creates customer attention towards products and more attention means more business.

However, to do that, you will need a professional team of content creators and market analyst which we already have in Canada Web Development. Our content creators are famous for their attractive but product oriented Whatsapp Ad content which helps your company in customer engagement field. And our market analyst team will thoroughly analyze your old Ad campaigns and their customer response first. Then they will deliver profitable and attractive Whatsapp Ad campaign idea to you. This process will also help you to understand the current market position of your company and its future growth ways through Whatsapp marketing services.

Lead Generation

After the Ad campaigns content the second most important thing in Whatsapp Marketing is the correct customer lead. And we can confidently boast that our lead generation team is the best in that task..

In Canada Web Development we properly analyze about your company and the product you want to promote. And then generate customer lead according to it. After that, we will target the Whatsapp Ad campaigns specifically towards those potential customers. This will help you to increase your company profit in a minimum ad campaign cost.

Whatsapp Marketing Maintenance Team

Apart from a brand or product promotion, update or company info distribution process on Whatsapp falls in Whatsapp Marketing and our company the Canada Web Development also provide services for that task.

We have a special team for that which will look over your company updates and try to share it with your old or new customer as soon as possible. This will help your company to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers.

How to Contact with Canada Web Development for WhatsApp Marketing in Canada

To contact with us you can call at our helpline number [ ]. We will glad to explain you more about the Whatsapp Marketing Services and its benefits. And if you have any doubt about it we will also try to clear that up. Now, if you are thinking about the calling time then don’t worry about it because we provide 24*7 calling facility. That’s why feel free to contact us any time.

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Now if you want to contact us via email then you can do that also. Our email address is [ ]. On email, you can discuss with us about your ideas & queries regarding the WhatsApp Marketing Services. And we will happy to answer them all. You can also get details about our other services and their package.