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Nowadays, CMS is considered to be one of the most crucial software which offers various tools for web related work. With the intuitive user interface, it helps the internet to modify or develop a website. It can be also used as a tool to publish content on the webpage. Besides, the early version helps to create, edit and publish content but now CMS systems are designed mainly to manage any type of web content. Drupal is one of the most popularly used software among all the available Content Management System software. Due to its capacity for delivering rich media content, it works essentially in increasing your website visibility by engaging to thousand of the existing internet users. With its more than 200 inbuilt feature it becomes a reliable CMS tool to achieve digital success. Therefore, delay no more and immediately get the best Drupal web development.

Importance of Drupal As A CMS Tool for Business Website:

Drupal is considered one of the most important open-source development community. It has thousands of modules and zeroes licensing costs. It’s extensibility and exclusive features make it extremely flexible for any kind of business website or application. Drupal is not limited to creating business websites but also helps in creating a blogging site, news publishing websites, art site and much more. Down below we provide a list of Drupal CMS Tool’s key factors to get a better idea of why it is way ahead from other web development frameworks and in which way it contributes to your website.


Open-source CMS code is used for creating any websites or application optimization. Drupal does not ask any extra license fees for this task. Transparency of Drupal is also an extra advantage of its framework. This kind of small but valuable things increases the flexibility and scalability of both coder and user.


There is no limitation on the requirements of a website. As long as your website is out for the business field you have to make changes or add some new features to match the market trends. This is the only way to attract customers and stay ahead of competitors. To support this kind of need you need a top-quality CMS tool.

Drupal comes with a smooth extensible framework that supports you to add or modify your business website. This eliminated the need for a developer to create a new platform whenever you want to expand your current business website. Other than this, Drupal’s sophisticated CMS allows a vast variety of module integration and data modeling.

SEO Friendly Design

No matter what type of business website you are running the main target of any business website holder is to attract the potential customers towards them and make them hook in it by its attractive web design. But without the help of an SEO, it is next to impossible to gain visibility. Drupal helps you to achieve it easily as it has an SEO-friendly framework. Besides, there are also other various reason to choose Drupal’s SEO friendly framework, some of them are,

  • Track the web traffic by integrating the Google analytic tool
  • Maintain the HTML and CSS standards
  • It is the best support for the Resource Description Framework
  • User-friendly URLs with full customize-ability.

Large Community

For any open-source application, the community plays an important role. This community helps to maintain various aspects of a platform such as programming, ideas, innovation, designing, development and much more. Larger the community, more the people will be available to work to drives the innovation and overcome the limitations of a website.

Believe it or not, Drupal has one of the largest widespread community in the content management system developer. They have 39,000+ Active developer, 2000+ new commits per week, do 2400+ events every year, have more than 1.2 million account, 32,000+ modules, and 2200+ themes. This huge number of professionals in the Drupal community assure you to maintain a quality level of the module.

Multiple Payment Method

Without a proper payment gateway, a business website will not be able to generate sales leads. Thus, Drupal provides you with the full freedom to choose your preferred payment gateway that can be added to your website. Moreover, it also allows more than one payment method to add to your website that adds more convenience to the customers.

Catch Customer Attention

With Drupal web development, boosting up your flexibility for the website becomes easy here. It is necessary for every online store to add different types of build features on its website so that the viewer can easily find the product or service they are looking for. Also, it is important to keep them up to date with the popular or most selling product of the internet. This type of small thing attracts the viewer to the website and lets you create a loyal fan base. Therefore, if you are also planning to run an online store than Drupal Website Development can help you to add the above-mentioned features and many more.

No Premium Plugins

As we mentioned above, Drupal is open-source software. Thus, there is no such term as premium plugins in their service. It is completely free to use the software, which is one of the biggest reasons for Drupal’s success and popularity.

Strong Security

Another thing which makes Drupal different than other CMS is its Rock-solid security system. With the advancement of the technology new ways of cybercrime is also born. That’s why it’s become necessary to keep updating the security system. The Drupal community keeps its service safe by the constant security patches and updates. It helps to defend against any method of hacking.

Drupal lets the user manage the performance and security through an easy to use admin panel system. The only thing you have to do is, update with security patch and modules to give 360-degree protection to the website.

If you are still not convinced about the security of the Drupal. Then for your information, Drupal service is used by NASA, CERN, White House official site and many more world top websites, where security is a topmost concern. Because they are aware of the Drupal web development service and security.

Multi-language Support

The Drupal community doesn’t focus on any particular country or area to provide their service. They want to give equal service and equal ease to use freedom for people of any part of the world. That’s why they offer more than 90 different languages for their basic functionality and modules. Drupal offers you full rights to decide whether you want to translate your content for the customer or not. This vast amount of language choice and translate feature helps the business website to increase its visibility globally and keep your website one step ahead from your competitors.

Why Choose Our Drupal Web Development Service?

Looking for a reliable Drupal Web Development service? Haven’t found a relevant one yet? Relax, as you have just dropped in the right place. Our experts at Canada Web Development has several years of experience in this field. We worked at various Drupal Website Project, web portals and application and able to get success at each of them to provide quality service and was successful in meeting the requirement of our client. Besides, we also try to provide an on-time solution to bring a smile on the client’s face.

In addition, we also help our clients by modifying their website and adding a critical requirement to improve its search ranking and increase its online visibility globally. Security is a very vital concern of any website. With the increasing amount of cybercrime and data leakage problem its become very essential to have a tight security system. Considering this situation, we provide a 3 layer security system in our website service to keep our client tension free from this type of problem

There are several features we offer to meet our client demand, some of them are given below,

  • Ensure flawless operation round the clock
  • Offer top-notch Drupal development to our clients
  • Use multiple features to create a professional website with page layout customization
  • Adhere to rigorous quality standards by checking everything before final delivery
  • Assurance of cross-browser compatibility, W3C validation, and SEO semantic codes
  • Design stunning websites for multiple browsers and devices
  • On-time Service
  • Provide Service at a cheap price
  • Enhance Security to stop data leakage or Cyber Crime

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