Removing Bad Reviews

Removing Bad Reviews from Google| Delete Feedback that are Violating Google’s Review Guidelines

When you launch any company or business and it appears on Google’s search engine, you can’t control the reviews coming from the people. It might be positive, negative or mixed feedback, which can affect your business’s image. If the comment is good, it can bring more consumers in and helps to boost traffic and revenues. Whereas, a negative or bad review can cost your reputation in the market and might also contribute towards the bouncing rate. So, in order to ensure your business doesn’t get hampered due to fake or inappropriate feedback, there are ways to remove bad reviews from Google. 

If you aren’t aware of the tips and tricks, you can consult an expert from Canada Web Development company. As it’s always better to know the steps from professionals for removing bad reviews from Google.  

What Kind of Reviews You can Remove from Google Search Engine?

Google is a digital platform that is accessible by everyone and hence, anybody can leave reviews on it. But, before removing the inappropriate feedback from Google’s page, categorizing the review can make the task easier. It is also not possible to remove each and every bad comment about your business from the search result page. Hence, you need to be aware of the criteria that indicate a violation of review policies under Google. 

Unethical or Racist Review

If the comment or feedback is about writing a racist and illegal viewpoint towards any individual or a business, it is possible to erase it from Google.

False Business Feedback 

In case someone is trying to humiliate a company by spreading false rumors in the form of feedback, it can be removed.

Review from Fake Accounts

Often, you will find some users creating multiple profiles to leave negative reviews about any business or brand. If this kind of annoying act is detected on Google’s search results, you can easily delete the feedback.

Discussion on Competitor’s Business

Another best way to detect a fake review on Google is by following the comments from users on both your and the rival’s pages. Sometimes, the same person is posting a bad remark for your business but, praising another brand on your/competitor’s page. So, when this kind of practice is taking place, Google can be notified about removing this comment. 

Remarks for a Wrong Business

Many times, people can leave negative reviews about some other business by mistake as well. This can usually happen when they confuse your product or services with others and post the remarks. Hence, if you come across such accidental incidents from users to write bad reviews for the wrong business, Google can remove it. 

Practices of Review Manipulation

While running a chain of businesses, owners can have stores or facilities in multiple geographic locations. So, if your customers don’t like some product or services from one specific location, they might post negative reviews for all the locations. Hence, this can affect the reputation of your business even if the allegations are false. This is why many owners take help from professional web development agencies for removing bad reviews from Google. 

Job Experience in a Company

According to Google’s recent guidelines, current or former employees shouldn’t post dishonest and biased content regarding their employment experience. So, if you find any feedback that is violating the reviewing policy of Google, the owner has the right to delete it. 

Controversial Remarks about Business/Individual

Posting about a product or service is very different from creating remarks on any person, community or country. Sometimes, such incidents are fueled by reports from the media and urging people to post negatively. In case you find such illegal comments that target any specific brand, person or his religious views, it can be deleted from Google. 

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