Important Rules That You Must Follow While Designing A Logo

Important Rules That You Must Follow While Designing A Logo

The success of every brand or business depends on how efficiently it can connect with its consumers. There are two main weapons that can help you with this: a functional website and an appropriate logo. 

However, having a business website is not enough nowadays. Your brand must have a logo of itself. A logo is the face of your brand. It is the symbol that your consumers will associate your brand with. 

Every successful brand out there has a unique and powerful Designing A Logo logo that speaks for the brand. Creating an appropriate logo isn’t a simple task. It requires practice, experience, patience and above all specific skills. Also, there are some essential rules that you need to keep in mind while developing a logo. In this article, we’ll discuss those rules in detail.

Designing A Logo


Rule 1: Don’t Skip the Basic Designing Work

The first rule for designing a logo is to perform the basic work behind it. This is the most crucial step. To create an appropriate logo for a brand, begin with the basic sketches. All you need is a pen, a paper and your visual idea about the logo. 

Sit down and draw the primary sketches. You’ll make mistakes. Keep trying with the sketches until you arrive at a perfect logo idea that matches the brand’s image. It is better not to skip this crucial step or rush through it.  If you do so, it might negatively impact the final design of the logo.

To have a perfect designing A Logo logo, you must spend more time on the basic step than on the next ones.

Rule 2: Keep it Simple

One of the most important rules that you must not forget while designing a logo is to keep it very simple. If you check out the logos of the successful brands, you’ll notice that they’re surprisingly simple. 

The advantage of having a simple logo is that it helps consumers connect with the brand better. However, creating a simple yet powerful logo is a challenging task. You need to omit all the unnecessary, extra details to let the main logo shine out. 

While you start with the sketches, your design can appear to be a bit complicated. But, try to simplify it, as you proceed towards the final draft. Make your logo speak for your brand with the least possible designs.

Rule 3: Use Colours Very Carefully

A logo becomes more powerful and appealing when the right design is coupled with the right colors. 

You must be aware of the fact that every color sparks off or stimulates a certain kind of emotion in people. Learn to use this while creating logos. For example, blue is associated with trust and calmness. Purple is associated with regality and creativity. Bright yellow translates to energy and youthfulness while red stands for love, passion, and rage.

Also, if you use multiple colors, make sure they belong to the same range in the palette. Use warm colors with warm and soft with soft. However, you can experiment with colors provided the design is on point.

Rule 4: Choose the Right Font

Selecting an appropriate font for a logo is as crucial as choosing a color for it. With a unique font style, the logo can become more powerful and more formidable. Therefore, you must invest a fair amount of time researching which font would suit a brand.

It is always a good idea to create a customized font style. Also, make sure to choose a particular size and style for the words and the taglines. Here are the rules that you must follow while choosing a font:

  • Make sure to avoid all commonly used fonts as they may make the brand appear amateur.
  • Always try to use only one single font style.
  • The font that you choose must be legible enough in all conditions.

Rule 5: Try to be Original

Another great rule to live by while creating brand logos is to be as original as possible. Originality is always appreciated in every field of work. The same goes for designing logos. Imagine what would happen to your brand’s image if the logo turns out to be a copy.

Hence, you must always create such logos that are unique and totally different. A rip-off would make your brand appear cheap. Avoid making use of ready-made icons, style, and fonts available on the Internet. 

Rule 6: Use Designing Tools As Less As Possible

Simplicity is the best weapon to create powerful logo design services. There are numerous graphic designing tools out there. These tools are free and they come with loads of editing features, effects, and other options. 

However, you must restrain yourself from using them unnecessarily on the logo. You can use the tools to see if they can enhance the design. But always try to keep the design and the appearance simple and to the point.

Rule 7: Develop a Strategy for Designing

In order to create high-quality logos, you must develop a plan and proceed accordingly. This plan or strategy is exclusively your own. However, you must positively include the following steps in it:

  • Research about the client’s brand or business first and learn every detail about it.
  • Think about ideas that would align well with the brand’s image. Brainstorming ideas about the logo’s design is a sensitive job.
  • Draw basic sketches and come to a final draft.
  • Send the design to the client. Get the client’s feedback and remove or add features accordingly in the logo.
  • Deposit the final design after the rectifications.

Parting Remark

Designing a logo is a crucial tool to increase the brand’s reach and consequently its success. A logo can appear to be just a symbol. But this symbol is powerful enough to make or break a business. It can affect a brand’s overall performance. 

Therefore, you must be extremely careful while creating a logo for your brand. Try to hire the best possible agencies and services for developing a logo. Investing time, money and thought into creating a suitable logo for your business will help you in the long run.

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